Crabtree Acres

God is Pro-Choice
by Carolyn Bost Crabtree

The phrase “Pro-choice” has come to mean something horrible to Christians in our society.  It usually results in the murder of unborn or even newly-born babies in our society, but I was reminded this week that God is pro-choice.  God hates the murder of the innocent and definitely is not pro-choice in that sense, but in a way He is. 

God gives every single one of us two basic choices in our lives; we can choose His way or our own way.  He has not limited our choices as human beings, even the right of choice to choose death for our innocent children, but God has set up unchanging consequences to the choices we make in life.  In Genesis we read that God told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would surely die.  We read that passage and might say that God lied.  They did not die – or, did they die?  I believe they did die at the moment they chose to disobey God; they died spiritually.  Adam and Eve had a wonderful relationship with God that was instantly broken.  Death had come to that relationship. 

The world defines death as annihilation.  The people who do not belong to God believe that humans are like animals, with no eternal souls; therefore, choices don’t really matter because there are no consequences.  God’s definition of death is separation from Himself, the source of true life.  There is a song that says “Eternity has two choices” – to spend eternity in heaven with God or to spend eternity in Hell without God.  This means there is no annihilation for any of us, Christian or non-Christian.

The choices we make in life are extremely important because of the consequences of the choices we make.  People today, even many Christians, do not consider the consequences of the choices they make.  They do not even believe there are consequences to their choices in life except in one way –do these choices bring earthly happiness to them or earthly sorrow?  In their minds happiness is determined by themselves, not by God.  The goal for many people is having wealth or fame that they believe will make them happy in life; others believe that having a job they enjoy or having the love of family will bring happiness.  These things will bring temporary happiness, but none of these things in themselves bring us true lasting happiness.   They may bring us what we call “the good life”, but what happens to the happiness when the fame dies or the wealth is gone?  What happens when the job is changed or gone altogether?  What happens when a family suddenly loses someone that loves them?

God choices offer eternal happiness that the Bible calls joy.  Joy is not lost when the wealth and fame are gone, or when the job changes or when a family member leaves.  Joy comes from a relationship with the Holy Spirit of God which a commitment to Jesus Christ brings.  That is the only source of joy mentioned in the Bible.