Crabtree Acres

God's Amazing Love
By Carolyn Bost Crabtree

I discovered something about God last night in our Wednesday evening Bible Study time at church.  We were talking about the unsearchable riches of God that are mentioned in Ephesians 3 and our pastor commented that there were many things about God that he did not understand, but one of the things he had the hardest time understanding was the height, width and depth of God's great love.

I have always felt that love is a great risk in our lives.  We take a chance that the person we choose to love may not love us always in return or may choose to remove their love from us altogether.  They may die and we will no longer have access to their love.  They may choose to put conditions on their love for us.

It dawned on me last night that God took a very great risk when He loved us enough to create us.  He was risking the very thing that happened when men chose to reject His love and start loving themselves instead.  He risked enough to give us a free will to choose to love Him or hate Him.  He risked enough to even give His own Son to die for us if necessary.  Of course we realize that it did become necessary for Jesus Christ to come and die, because man chose to give up the love that God wanted to lavish upon us all.  We turned to ourselves that love that He would put in our hearts for Him and for others.

But to God the risk was worth it because of those people who would choose to allow Him to come into their hearts and share His love with others.  He took the risk that we would choose to give love and fellowship back to Him in praise and worship.  To me it is a profound thought that He was willing to risk it all, even if only one person chose to accept His love.

We are living in a time when more people choose to reject the love of God than accept it.  We are living in a time when people actually hate for others to even mention the name of God or His wonderful son Jesus Christ.  In turn they also hate His people.  This does not take God by surprise -- He knew this time in history would come.  We who love Him cannot become discouraged or angry about these days in which we live.  God is certainly not discouraged or hateful about them.  He knows what He is going to do and what the end result will be.  He is the King and will be triumphant over the evil around us.

Look up!  Your redemption is drawing near! 

God bless you all, Carolyn