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These Bible Studies have been written and used by Carolyn Crabtree in both Women's Sunday School Classes, as well in teaching Bible classes in a Christian School.  The studies may also be used in your own personal study.  You are welcome to use them in your own personal ways but please do not publish them.  I use the New American Standard Version of the Bible in these studies.  God bless you in your own seeking for truth through God's Word.  It is my belief that when students of the Bible study for themselves and write out the answers to the questions alone with God, the Holy Spirit can open many new truths to you and your students.  Discussing the questions and answers together with others then gives opportunies for God to speak to us in different ways and bless each other as well as ourselves.  That is why I encourage you to give the questions out to your students for them to answer for themselves and then come together for discussion.

Sarai-Sarai Questions

Sarai-Sarai Answers