Crabtree Acres

There are two women that I admire very much that have birthdays today March 3rd and I wanted to share just a little bit about them on this space.

The first of these is my mother Hazel Wike Bost.  She was absolutely one of the most loving and forgiving people that I have ever known and I am thankful to God for her example to me.  I have seldom heard her say a negative word about anyone or any situation.  How I wish that I had been more like her in my life.  She grew up an orphan after the age of eleven and had older sisters that reared her and her younger sister Ruth.  The situation in the home was hard for Mom and my aunt Ruth, but I cannot remember hearing Mother ever complain about it at all. 

Mother was a very good student in high school and was talented, especially in creative writing.  I can remember several times that I had writing assignments in school that had me baffled, but my mother could always come up with good ideas about what to write and how to write them.  She would not do my assignments for me but she gave me very creative ideas that certainly helped my grade.  She was especially good at poetry writing and loved to sing.  I suppose those go together in a way.  I believe I knew every nursery rhyme and the songs that went with them by the time I was three or four.  Mother always took time to read to us as children.  I have always loved reading and I believe that her love for it spilled over into my own heart.  I am the oldest of six children, so for her to take time to read to us and help us with assignments shows a remarkable amount of love for us as her children.

The other person whose birthday I celebrate today is Greg’s grandmother Annie Laura Sinclair Crabtree.  She, too, was a remarkable woman who was atalented artist.  She painted not only on canvas, but she painted on china and also on a wall in her dining room.  She would paint the wall and when she was tired of seeing it, she would paint another scene over the top of it.  I have often wondered how many layers of paint were on that wall when her house was sold!  I have several pieces of china that Grandmother Crabtree painted – I have given some to family members and will continue to pass them down to grandchildren for their keepsakes.

She did many types of crafts such as caning chairs, tole painting, and needlepoint, but I truly believe that the real love of her life other than her family was fishing.  She seemed happiest when out in a fishing boat in the middle of a lake with her fishing buddies.  She would bring her friends out to the lake to fish with her, but she also loved to sit with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren and help them fish.

I believe that God brings people into our lives to fill the gaps that may not have been available to us when we were younger.  We have the opportunities to learn from these people both good things and bad.  God has given me good examples to follow in women who loved Him and enjoyed their lives.  Two very important ones for me were these two women with the same birthday that I want to celebrate today.